2018 GSGRC Agility Trial

The Garden State Golden Retriever Club 
is holding its agility trial at the
Kruisin’ Kanines Barn 
[Just outside of New Hope PA]
Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Garden State Golden Retriever Club is thrilled to announce that for just this year Garden State Golden Retriever Club will hold its agility trial at the Kruisin’ Kanines Barn just outside of New Hope, PA.  It will be a one ring trial with Dee Crofton judging Standard, JWW and FAST.

For those who haven’t been to Kruisin’, the footing is a wonderful equestrienne surface.  The barn has two (2) rings that are built into the ground so it stays cooler.  The larger ring is where the trial will be held and the smaller ring will be available for crating and will have fans.

We genuinely hope that you’ll come and play with us.  While it is only one day of the weekend, we intend to make a GREAT day!

For the premium list  ………CLICK HERE

AKC agility has four levels of competition: Novice, Open, Excellent and Masters. At each level the courses get harder, the course times get shorter and the number of faults allowed in order earn a qualifying run (a “Q”) decreases. There are five AKC agility games.

  • “Standard” consists of all the AKC agility obstacles (various types of jumps, open tunnels, chute, weave poles, A-frame, dog walk, teeter and pause table).
  • JWW” (Jumpers with Weaves) consists of jumps and weaves and sometimes a tunnel.
  • FAST” (Fifteen And Send Time) is a gamblers choice type of game where the obstacles are pointed and the handers make up a course that must include a designated sequence of obstacles handled from behind a distance line.  The dog with the most points in the allotted time wins.
  • T2B” (Time to Beat) is an all-out race over a speed course. The fastest dog wins the class and 10 points; all other dogs that complete the course earn points based on how close they come to the winner’s time.
  • “Premiere” is designed to challenge dogs and handlers at an increased speed and skill level above Masters.  The courses are more technical and incorporate varied approach angles (including backsides), spacing, and obstacle discriminations.

In addition to the AKC competition, we’ll be offering “Glory Runs” – a special attraction designed to give retired or disabled agility dogs one more time in the ring. We’ll be breaking the trial around 9 am to cheer for these special dogs as they have a chance to play this fun game they love so much.

Agility is a great spectator sport! Garden State Golden Retriever Club encourages folks to come watch our trial!